Options for Gum Disease Treatment in Poway CA

Options for Gum Disease Treatment in Poway CA

Millions of Americans suffer from gum disease, but many are unaware that they even have this serious infection. A major indicator of gum disease is inflammation, which is the body’s way of shielding, guarding and protecting itself from infection. It is important...

Termites in your jaw bone?

What? Termites in your bone?  Let me explain. Termites invade your house and then live there. You can’t really see it unless you go below the surface or inside the walls. Sometimes you see it rotting your door. However, no matter how much you clean the house,...

Do you have bad breath?

Do your family members tell you or do you notice it yourself? Ninety percent of the time, bad breath is a warning sign of gum disease. When you eat, food get on your teeth and turns into plaque. Plaque is the soft sticky white film. You can remove it with a tooth...

New Patient Offer: $99 Exam,
X-rays and Cleaning*

• Comprehensive oral exam
• Any necessary digital X-rays
• Teeth cleaning that includes laser bacterial reduction and anti-microbial irrigation**
• Oral cancer screening
• Periodontal exam to evaluate gum health
• Intraoral photos
• Discuss treatment options
• Get your questions answered
• Written treatment plan 

*Vaild for new patient only
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