Dental Emergencies: Advice From Your San Diego Dentist

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Any dental emergency can be potentially serious and should not be ignored. Ignoring a dental problem can increase the risk of permanent damage as well as the need for more extensive and expensive treatment down the road. Today we’re sharing advice from your San Diego dentist regarding what to do in the event of a […]

4 Reasons to Choose Laser Teeth Cleaning in San Diego

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Today, laser dentistry is being used as a precise and effective way to perform many dental procedures. One reason it’s so popular is because it provides treatment of a very specific area of focus without damaging surrounding tissues


A common myth is as you age, loosing your teeth is inevitable.  The truth is: if cared for properly, your teeth can last a lifetime. Your mouth changes as you age.   The followings are the most common issues associated with aging: The nerves in your teeth can become smaller, making your teeth less sensitive […]

Termites in your jaw bone?

What? Termites in your bone?  Let me explain. Termites invade your house and then live there. You can’t really see it unless you go below the surface or inside the walls. Sometimes you see it rotting your door. However, no matter how much you clean the house, you will never get rid of the termites yourself. If you don’t solve the problem, you […]

Do you have bad breath?

Do your family members tell you or do you notice it yourself? Ninety percent of the time, bad breath is a warning sign of gum disease. When you eat, food get on your teeth and turns into plaque. Plaque is the soft sticky white film. You can remove it with a tooth brush. However, there […]

Family Dental Hygiene 101: How to Instill Good Habits in Your Kids

Poway has been rated as one of the top family-friendly cities to live in throughout Southern California. While the area is well known for its top-notch public schools and amenities, it is also home to highly reputable Poway family dental offices that treat dental conditions and even help keep teeth healthy and white.

Dentist in Poway Provides Tips on How to Overcome Your Dental Anxiety

If you get stressed and anxious at the mere thought of visiting your dentist, you are not alone. There are many common reasons why people are afraid or anxious to visit dentists in Poway, such as the belief that treatment or services may cause pain or a general fear of the unknown. Some people may […]

Save Your Child’s Smile: Methods of Pediatric Restorative Dentistry

Pediatric cosmetic dentistry continuously presents a challenge for many dentists. Several factors have to be taken into consideration when treating young patients, and they may include behavioral issues, the patient’s ability to tolerate the treatment and the level of understanding the necessity of the dental therapy.

Dental Implants: Losing a Tooth Doesn’t Mean You’ll Lose Your Smile

Tooth loss can occur for many different reasons, and this includes everything from a sports injury or accident to significant tooth decay and more. When you are missing a permanent tooth, you can feel self-conscious about the way you look when you smile or talk. This can negatively impact your self-confidence at work and in […]

Dental Scaredy Cat? A Dentist Near Poway, CA Can Help Calm Your Nerves

Do you feel terrified at merely the thought of a dental visit? It can be quite comforting to know you’re not alone. According to the American Dental Association, about 45 million Americans today exhibit a corporeal fear of seeing a typical dentist. These people would often try to avoid a dental consultation as much as […]